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Concert @ Twentys Cocktailbar – Biel/Bienne

  • December 9, 2013
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So, the report about this concert is a bit delayed. But we prefer late, than never.
The concert in Biel/Bienne was awesome. It was sort of a “home-game” because Biel is Pablo’s home town.

The crowd at twenty’s cocktail bar was awesome and rocked across the whole concert.

Our day started in Bern, at 09:00PM.

The first task was to smoke a cigarette at drink a coffee. We then went on to get our gear in Belp and drive all the way to Biel with it.

Once arrived in Biel, we began to set up the stage and the gear.
After a short sound check, we were set up!

The bar owner, then invited us and our friends to eat in a pretty fancy restaurant.
We ate and drank some wonderfull wine.

After a short preparation we then began with our first song – Don’t You Worry.
The crowd was with us from the very beginning on.

We played our set as planned, everything went smoothly and good.
In the end we played a Jam session with a Bass man (Silas Bieri) and a drummer (René Flückiger) from the crowd.

At this point we’d like to thank Bernd Dehm, who played the drums with us and our friends from Illeist Collective – Silas Bieri & René Flückiger who jammed a few tracks with us.

And lastly, special thanks to Lorenz Struchen who was a great host!

Thank you for a wonderful concert.

– NauticalNorth –


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