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One weekend, 5 guys, lots of hours, awesome session….
The weekend of the 21st of February was awesome. We recorded our first EP in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

Silas Bieri, who came straight away from Malmö (Sweden) for us, recorded the whole thing, played the Hammond and did an amazing job.

Miro Rutscho played Bass and Bend Dehm the drums. Amazing musicians and an awesome job was made there too.

We’d like to thank Silas, Miro and Bernd for their time, the funny moments, the good music and everything else we forgot to mention.

The songs are being mixed and mastered right now and EP will be released in the end of March on every platform imaginable (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon…..) sooooooo STAY TUNED…. It will be LEGEND waaaait for it… DARY!

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